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Studio B and Tower of Power Get Funky at The Fillmore

 When we got the call from the NY-based Production Agency THEM to shoot the Tower of Power’s 40th Anniversary Concert DVD, I felt like I was coming home. I have shot a lot of multi camera concerts over the years, but getting to film Tower of Power felt particularly nostalgic for me. When I was in junior high I found an old candy rack, like the ones you see at convenience stores. I used it to display my favorite albums and Tower of Power records got top billing on the rack for the entire 7th grade. I played those TOP albums until the grooves were worn out and though I haven’t listened to TOP records in many years the music is an indelible part of my DNA. The 40th Anniversary Concert DVD we shot was an exceptional performance because they brought back all of the original band members from the 1970’s, including Lenny Pickett who now plays with the Saturday Night Live Band. In total we had five cameras including two hand-held cameras on stage, a cigar cam on a pole, and two out in the audience to cover the action from tripods. Our own Joe Shafer engineered the shoot and did a stellar job worthy of the band’s legendary music. Thanks Joe! And thank you Tower of Power for bringing back the funk! 

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