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When to Go Live and When to Archive

Many of our clients come to us eager to stream their event live and often times haven’t considered the alternative – hosting an On-Demand stream for later viewing. While a live stream is extremely useful in some cases, it isn’t always necessary. But then there are also cases in which timing is crucial and a live stream is the only way to go. Below are a few tips when deciding to go live or when to archive.

The REAL difference between Webcasting and On-Demand…

Live webcasts are aired as they happen, just the same as a live television broadcast. And, if you have a multi-camera production to webcast, your video is edited live as well – recording each switch of the camera such as you might see at a live event on TV (e.g. a football game, talk shows, news segments, awards ceremonies). With a webcast, your audience logs in at a predetermined time and URL to take part in the event just as if they were attending the event on-site.


On-Demand webcasts are recorded and edited after the event has taken place. Once made available online, your audience can view the webcast whenever they wish. There is no set viewing time as with a live webcast and your video is never downloaded, only streamed.

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