Event and Conference Webcasting

OutCast has built a robust Content Management System designed to deliver media over the Internet. Our system is optimized for speed and quality of digital media distribution, offering stability, scalability and safety over a globally distributed network. We provide our clients with a full suite of reporting and security tools to allow you to manage sensitive content and to monitor viewership data. OutCast's system also supports user management granting individual users the power to work on specific projects or tasks.

Creating Custom Event Portals

Why limit your event to just the day or week it takes place? We can design a custom event site where your videos will be archived for weeks, months or years after the event has ended, allowing for long-term promotional opportunities, member registration and sponsorship opportunities.

Hosting and Archiving Media

Videos are saved in both high quality digital video formats and web formats such as Flash Video, Quicktime, Windows Media Files, YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo, or other video file formats. To extend the life of your event, we can archive it for on demand web viewing or produce an interactive DVD, or HD Blueray.


Some key benefits of webcasting include:

  • Increase viewership and potential revenue by broadening your audience
  • Save money by eliminating travel expenses
  • Drive traffic to your site and raise the profile of your events
  • Create new opportunities for sponsorship with highly measureable metrics
  • Build social networks

Our webcasting services include:

  • On-site pre-event inspection with step-by-step solutions.
  • On-site video event producer
  • Unique web address URL for your event
  • Professional camera crews, audio engineers and encoding technicians provided
  • Synchronized PowerPoints during live webcast
  • Live stream via our global content delivery network partners
  • Integrate webcast with your website's pages
  • Your trailers, bumpers, and ad campaigns introduced into live stream
  • Viewing statistics delivered next-day
  • Archival conversion of your webcast to video file (flash, windows media, quicktime), or published to DVD
  • Custom event video website portals where the keynote speakers can be archived.
  • Speaker photographs and session descriptions with video streaming
  • In Depth Reporting, Analytics and Metrics

Popular events for webcasting:

Our services range from two-camera company meetings to comedy shows and rock concerts.
Some popular events for webcasting include:

  • Trade Shows and vendor presentations
  • Corporate meetings and training seminars
  • Conferences, keynotes and forums
  • Live broadcast specialty events (e.g. concerts, performances, sports events)
  • Celebrations and Ceremonies